Who are we?

In an age of capitalistic marketing that seeks to achieve maximum profit at all costs, I believe that we win by acting uniquely and differently from the standards of the financial market. We are committed to quality, trust and long-term relationships with our clients – and these are not empty words.
We are a company driven by passion. We are distinguished by our empathy, moral and ethical approach. This is a direct result of our character and inner convictions. We only employ people who represent these qualities, which guarantees us a great atmosphere and your professionalism. We act out of passion. Satisfaction that gives us the satisfaction of our customers – is priceless.
We operate since 2010 and have had the honor of assisting more than five thousand customers around the world. Thanks to this experience we perfectly understand the preferences of the person facing the decision of taking out a mortgage or the person building a portfolio of investment properties.

Jacob Adam Pająk
Founder & President of the Board

Independence and reputation

We represent you, not the bank. We are based on unique values – passion, empathy and ambition to deliver a new quality of service to the market, including comprehensive English language services for foreigners in Poland. The client is always our priority – not short-term profit. That is why we can be proud that we have created a brand with an excellent reputation and thousands of satisfied clients who continue to recommend us.

Full support and confidence

We guide you “from A to Z” through the entire process of obtaining bank financing, always standing by your side and representing your interests. You are never left unattended. From explaining banking law, through the basics of economics, complex regulations, acts and recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, to completing the documents, registration of loan applications, cooperation with notaries, property appraisers and certified translators. At every stage we protect you and answer every question so that you feel safe and confident during every next step. We value relationships and the trust we enjoy, always placing each client as our highest priority.

Safety and Security

Nowadays it is extremely important to use only verified and trustworthy entities. Harveo company is registered with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the number RPH001108 and has a third party insurance policy number COR100030.

No commission

Our service is completely free for you – even though we are paid by the banks, your offer is the same or even cheaper than the one available online or directly from the bank. This applies to both mortgages and leases.

After-sales support

At the end of the whole loan process we will inform you if there is a new better offer on the market, a lower margin or a more convenient solution. Additionally, you can contact us throughout the loan process for help or answers to your questions.

Highest quality

Our branches are located in the newest office buildings to make you feel special and comfortable at every stage of our cooperation. Knowledge, professionalism, great atmosphere and delicious coffee. Quality of service and customer satisfaction is always in the first place.

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Harveo Team 

Warsaw & Cracow

Harveo Team